Are these real badges?

Yes, all of these badges are original badges.  They either come from old uniform components, collectors, or are leftovers from leaders.  A lot of time is spent “de-sashing” so I can bring these treasures to you.  Many of them are used, but all of them are in usable condition.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we do.  All shipments will be done via U.S.P.S. first class parcel.  Tracking information will be provided with each shipment, and your order should be on the way to you within 3 days.

What form of payment do you accept?

At this time, I am only accepting Paypal payments.  You do not need an account with paypal in order to pay.

Where can I find the requirements for all the 1980-2010 badges?

You can find most of the requirements in my Facebook group, GS Treasure Hunters.  Click on the FB link at the bottom of each page to request membership.  Or use the Contact Us feature and I can send you the files with the requirements.  If you prefer to go old school (like me) I can probably help you find the proper books.

Where can I find the requirements for the 1963 junior badges?

If you need the requirements for these badges, use the Contact Us feature and I can send you a link to the requirements online.  Again, if you prefer hardcopy books, I can let you know which ones to look for.