What is Artistry to Stitch About?

Artistry to Stitch About is a FB group created by leaders that have Girl Scouts of their own. From their page: “Our Scouts are sometimes interested in specific topics not part of the current Girl Scout program, therefore we started looking at badges once found in approved Council’s Own (CO) and/or Troop’s Own (TO) badges. Most of these are hard to find or no longer being produced, so we do our best to locate the original creator(s) and seek permission to reproduce them. In the event we cannot locate the original source(s), we reconstruct a new, updated version of the badge while still making sure to give credit where it’s due.
For topics which we cannot locate a badge to match, we work with our scouts, who enjoy the Make Your Own Badge (MYOB) challenge, to create something original. Embracing the Girl Scout Law “…be a sister to every Girl Scout,” we are excited to share our journey with other Scouts. “

Are these worn on the front or back of the vest or sash?

Several of these badges are “re-releases” of extinct, approved council’s owns. Others have been created in the spirit of MYOB. Although many leaders do place these on the front of the uniform, it is always advised that if you are in doubt, to check with your council.

Why are we ordering from a website now?

As the girls mentioned above got older, their interests grew more varied and there are now tons of choices for you. It became too cumbersome to keep group members updated regarding which ones are available at any given time. The built in inventory of the store in this website will take care of that and you will have real time availability numbers day or night.

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