Patch Central is now a part of the www world!!

I am a 20 year collector of Girl Scout patches. During that time period I also collected a LOT of old badges. I have met loads and loads of very nice people (many of whom I now consider my friends) who are looking for these badges.

So, Patch Central has ventured away from facebook in order to sell these badges. Hopefully, this will make it easier for all of us to send these treasures to new homes.

One of my passions is programming. During my past lives, I have been involved in day camps and other camps. I have trained adults to have fun with their scouts and “sneak” learning in. Hopefully through the use of this blog I can share some of the very cool resources I have found during my many years of working with scouts.

My first priority is getting the shop portion running smoothly. After that—look out!!!! And as always, Happy Treasure Hunting!