Architecture Green Border 2001-2010

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Complete any six of the following requirements to earn this badge:

1. Building Tour Walk in your community (or a place you are visiting) with a friend or family member. Find examples of architecture that you like and don't like. Record your observations in a sketchbook or with a camera so you can talk with your walking partner about what you liked and didn't like.

2. Making Their Mark Learn about a well-known architect and visit one of her projects in person or online. Find out why this person is known for her work.

3. Down To Scale An architectural plan is a drawing of your project that uses a scale measurement, such as 1 inch = 1 foot, to represent the actual size of the object on paper. Make your own plan of a room to scale, using graph paper or a computer software program. (Or search online for a fee software app, such as )

4. Conserving Energy Find out what kinds of laws exist in your state or community that encourage energy conservation in building structures.

5. Nature's Design Design a garden - a children's garden, a living maze, a special theme garden, a public garden for flower or vegetable plots, or a Japanese garden. Include artwork, plantings, structures, walkways, and other things you could use to make it a special place. Sketch a plan or do a scale model.

6. Making Your Mark Participate in a project that helps restore a public space or building in your community. Document the changes that happen by taking before and after pictures.

7. Architecture Around the World Create a way to show the architecture of different countries. What makes the architecture distinct? How have climate, culture, natural resources, or lifestyle shaped the architecture? What do the homes and buildings tell you about the people who live there?

8. Idea File Create a notebook, file box, or computer file to keep your favorite architectural ideas in. Use this file as you do other activities in this badge.

9. From Airports to Zoos In a group, brainstorm a list of buildings or combination of buildings you would love to design if you were an architect. Decide who will use them, what activities will happen in them, and how people with disabilities will use them.

10. House Of Sticks Create a structure out of twigs, small pieces of driftwood, toothpicks, coffee stirrer sticks, or a combinations of small sticks. Use glue, string, and tools, appropriate to the materials.

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