Art in 3d Green Border 1999-2000

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Complete any six of the following requirements to earn this badge:

1. In the Fold Origami an ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Make an origami paper crane, a symbol of piece and hope. You can have each girl in your troop or group make one, then use the cranes as decorations for a Girl Scout event celebrating world friendship. (page 1) (page 2) OR

2. Mold It Mold clay or other modeling material. Your work can be something that is useful or something that is purely decorative.

3. Past Masters For centuries, art students have tried copying the styles of famous artist. Look at art online or in museums. Search online using key words such as "Sculpture", or the names of specific artist. After reviewing the work of three artists or sculptors, try your hand in the 3-D medium and style of one you admire.

4. Negatives Are Positives In sculpture, the positive space is the solid part of the work and the negative space is the air space that is still considered a part of the design. Create an abstract sculpture using boxes, crates, pieces of wood, cardboard, or polystyrene. Include negative as well as positive space in your design.

5. Carve It Explore the art of woodcarving. How to books and wood carving tools and kits are available at most arts and crafts stores. Many stores offer classes on how to use the tools and kits. Ask your art teacher or another adult for help. Keep in mind safety issues and be sure that an adult is around whenever you are sharpening your sills. After practicing for a while, make a wood carving, either realistic or abstract in design.

6. All Around the Town Look for examples of three dimensional art in your community. Try to find at least five examples.

7. Art That's Me Every culture expresses itself through art. Create a piece of art in 3-D that represents your heritages.

8. Art as Therapy Arrange to visit a site where people with different abilities and special needs are creating art. Find out if local schools, hospitals, or nursing homes have an art therapist on staff. Ask if you could be allowed to talk to or observe one of them at work.

9. It's Mobile Find out about mobiles and stabiles and try creating one of your own.

10. Wire It Create a three-dimensional design by twisting, cutting, and/or coiling wire. Use tools appropriate to the heaviness of the wire. Add other materials as needed for your design.

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