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Selections include cheesecloth (1960's time period--this will also include bukram backed), plastic backed (early-mid 70's including pin-striped front) and Vivid Green front (plastic backed late 70's time period). I am in no way an expert and have classified these to the best of my ability (and available lighting).


Backyard Fun Purpose: To learn and practice the things you need for outings in yards and parks.

1. Help your family, patrol, or other group plan and carry out three outings. Help prepare two different sites. Use family, troop, or public equipment such as outdoor stoves, picnic tables, fireplaces.

2. Plan one meal or snack that needs no cooking, one that lets each person cook, one that you cook for a group. Help plan, buy, pack, carry, prepare, and serve the food. Help clean up.

3. Make a piece of equipment such as a sit-upon, vaga bond stove, emergency fuel, litterbag for family car, or toasting fork.

4. Show you can make a fire, use it, put it out, and leave fire site in good condition.

5. Help plan, assemble, and pack equipment for a first aid kit.

6. Come to each of the outings in No. 1. dressed for the expected weather and for activities planned.

7. Get acquainted with six natural things — tree, insect, animal, flower — you find on your outings. Do an outdoor good turn that will attract and protect birds or animals or will help plants or trees grow.

8. Make a leaf print, track cast, sketch or photograph of something you find outdoors.

9. Include games, songs, campfires in your outings.

10. List the things you have learned to do for this badge that will be useful to you when you go on your next outing.

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