Cake Decorating, Original troop's own council own IP (Original)

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Brownies complete 4

Juniors complete 6

C/S/A complete 8

1. Bake a cake using a premade mix and a recipe. Ask for adult to help you measure and mix. Which do you like best and why?

2. Use two different toppings to decorate your cupcake or cake. Examples: frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc.

3. Try two different flavors of cake or cupcakes. Which one did you like best? Why?

4. Take a trip to a bakery or cupcake eatery. Compare the pricing of cakes and cupcakes. Ask how long it takes to decorate them.

5. Decorate cupcakes using a theme or holiday design. Use candy or other sweets to decorate the top.

6. Learn how to make different designs by using different decorating tips on your frosting tube or pastry bag.

8. Decorate a cake on paper. Draw decorative flowers or designs on it.

9. Make or decorate cupcakes for a bake sale, scouting event, or bake off.

10. Learn how to make cupcakes from a recipe you have never tried before.

12. Decorate a cupcake wrapper, holder, or pick to place on your cupcake.

13. Decorate or make a cupcake or cake using Girl Scout cookies.

14. Learn about other cakes or that created in other countries. Do they only serve them on special occasions?

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