Can You Survive--Artistry troop's own

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Daisies complete 3

Brownies: complete 4

Juniors: complete 5

C/S/A: complete 7

  • Explain/Learn what the STP in first aid means. (Stop, Treat, Protect)
  • Learn what the 5 basic needs required to survive are and how to apply them in different survival conditions. How can this help you?
  • Identify 5+ edible plants in your local area. What part is edible? When is it best to eat them? How do you know this? Try a few of them. What do they taste like?
  • What amphibians, birds, fish, insects, reptiles, and/or rodents are edible? List at least 5 in your area. How could/would you catch, prep, and cook them?
  • Identify 5+ poisonous plants in your local area. How poisonous are they? What are the symptoms? Is it treatable?
  • Learn at least 3 techniques for constructing shelter. (Season, materials, location, etc. all play a role.) See if there is a local place that you could help build a small shelter for or see if there is a local park, garden, etc. that you could build a small shelter for.
  • Determine 5 or more ways to start a fire without a match or lighter. See if you can put this knowledge to use and if you can start a fire.
  • Understand how to collect water, purify it, and then store water. Give it a try.
  • Decide how to orientate yourself on a digital map, a paper map, and using no map at all. Take a trip using each of the methods you have learned.
  • Identify at least 5 signaling methods. How would you use each of them?
  • Put together a survival kit, a first aid kit, and know how/when to use each of the items included.

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