Flying Amid the Stars--Artistry's troop's own based on Star Wars

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Flying Amid the Stars

Daisies complete 3

Brownies complete 4

Juniors complete 5

CSA complete 7

1) Movie makers often make up their own unique language. Make your own language and teach it to your troop. Try to teach your troop something using your language.

2) Host a Jedi council meeting.

3) Make a family tree of your family and Star Wars families. Compare.

4) Have a Cupcake War. Try your hand at baking cupcakes then decorating them with a Star Wars theme. Vote on your favorite one(s). (Judging could be taste, looks, a combo of the two, or anything else you would like.)

5) Create a Star Wars cosplay with your troop or friends.

6) Recreate the battle between Darth Vader and Luke.

7) Host a Star Wars movie marathon.

8) Do research on how a light saber is created and how it works. Create your own light saber.

9) Research a few of the languages spoken in the movies. Learn a few phrases.

10) Create a model of the Death Star.

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