Forever Heroes--Artistry troop's own based on Marvel superheroes

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Forever Heroes

Loosely based on Marvel

Daisies—3 Brownies-4 juniors-5 CSA-7

  • Go to and explore. What info is on there? How can you use this? What do you think of the site? What kind of jobs are listed?
  • Who is your favorite Marvel character and why? Compare with your troop/friend.
  • Write your own comic. Share with your troop/friend.
  • Martin Goodman. Who is he? What did he do? How do you think he shaped today’s world?
  • How many comic books have movies? Which ones do you think will be made into movies next? If you could pick, which one would you choose? Try your hand, either as a troop, with friends, or individually, at ‘filming’ a scene. Share with your troop/friend.
  • What is a superhero? A hero? Compare/Contrast the two. Do you know any in real life? Is there someone special you think could be? With your troop/friend(s) determine who you think could be a hero and tell that person why. Take it a step further and create an award, a costume, a super name, a special recognition to give to this person.
  • Have every girl in your troop create a superhero name for each other. Then decide which name would best fit each girl. After everyone has a name, create a shirt or cape displaying their new name. Take a picture of everyone wearing their costume together.
  • Wearing your new costume/shirt/cape, decide on an act of kindness and accomplish it together
  • What other companies market superheroes? Who/What was the first company to create a superhero? What was his/her name? What did he/she do?
  • The periodic table of elements has 118 elements. There are over 7,000 Marvel characters. With your troop/friend construct a periodic table of superheroes, with at least 118 characters. Take it a step further, try to replace each element with a character that would best represent each element. Why would you choose the one(s) you did?
  • If you could pick only ONE superhero to exist in the world today, who should it be? Why? How would this superhero help our world? Discuss with your troop/friend.

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