Retired Council Patches

As a collector myself, I know variations are important to some of you, so I will be adding as much info as I can to help you decide if that is a variation you need (ie different background or border color or any other major differences. ) As you might guess, this will be quite time consuming, so you will need to check back often. If you need to see a comparison pic for the patches (to see what I mean by light, medium or dark blue background for instance) you can find my collections here:

A lot of these are in brand new condition, but others may be reclaimed, and possibly showing wear (especially older ones). I usually nab these and treat them as a "placeholder" in my collection until I find another in better condition.

I also have duplicates of some of them, including the really old (aka moldie oldies). If you find yourself placing more than one order, I will combine shipping and refund the extra.
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