Songs and Games--Artistry's Re-release/expansion of retired troop's own

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Songs and Games (Daisies complete 3, Brownies 4, Juniors 5, C/S/A 7)

1. Sing a song of your choice.

2. Sing a Girl Scout camp or traditional song. Such as: Make New Friends, Boom Chicka Boom, etc.

3. Sing a song in rounds.

4. Sing a song at a special event.

5. Lead a song with younger scouts or sing with younger scouts.

6. Sing a song for others or volunteer to sing at a group event.

7. Learn a new song that you have never sang.

8. Sing a song from a different country.

9. Create a song book or sing from a book with scout songs.

10. Change a song around to make it different than it was originally by changing a word or theme of the song.

11. Play a game from another country.

12. Teach a game or song to a younger girl.

13. Do a community service activity that involves games or songs (ex. collecting games for cancer patients, singing songs in an elderly home, etc.).

14. Make up your own song or game.

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