Junior Girl Scout Badges

From the 1980’s through 2010, these badges come in both colored and green borders.  The color of the border reflects their age.  Colored borders are from 1980-2000.  Green borders are from 2000-2010.  Tan colored backgrounds were also able to be earned by Cadettes.  Since these are vintage badges, you may receive a mixture of used/unused badges, but all will be in good condition.  Requirements can be found in the Treasure Hunters Facebook Group.  You have to be a member (click on the F button below to request membership), but here is a direct link to them:  https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/Junior%20Badge%20Requirements%20-%20Retired.pdf?token=AWziFeUjFlmP78uZdRT5Bs_YYGk-h-wMfcIYLe0PuxZ6RSglosejyutVNu4KWBvQDZtBe6HOJq0ZperevBjYPcsl0EI9xHsT75k4SMHvneno79Zd4r1cR4cLKCoWby-OfB0hRcqWYzNB4N6sklAPJLMsXq1nBs_Sio8lmV-hwYZI1Q

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Brownie Try It’s

These try its were originally available from 1986 through 2010.  The color of the border reflect their age.  Colored borders are from 1986-2000.  Brown borders are from 2000-2010.  Most of the try its I sell are either unused or slightly used.  These badges were pretty thin, and so didn’t wear well, unlike the round badges.

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Junior Badges from 1963-1980

These junior badges are all on a green background with green borders.  In this case, the backing usually determines the age of the badge.  Cheesecloth backed badges are older than those with plastic backs.

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Cookie Pins from 1999-2019

Early cookie pins were made from plastic, but have been made of metal since 2002.  The plastic pins broke easily from their metal post, but the paint on the early metal ones chipped easily.  I have a few “chipped paint” ones for sale at a discounted price.  Drop me a message if you are interested in them.

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Interest Project Patches/Awards from 1980-2010

This includes both the WTE era (1980-1996), those with dark blue borders (1997-2010) as well as those IPA’s and Focus Badges from 2006-2010

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Cadette Badges from 1963-1980

Cadette badges from 1963-1980, including both cheesecloth and plastic backed. Selections in the store include cheesecloth (1960’s time period–this will also include bukram backed), plastic backed.  Lots of these badges are reclaimed.  You may receive used, but usable badges.

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Retired Insignia

This includes retired bridges, numbers, tabs and wings, as well as membership pins.  

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Intermediate Badges 1918-1961

The badges in this group range from the early beginnings of Girl Scouting through the late 1950’s. Because of the age of these badges, very few are found in new, unused condition. The majority will be used and reclaimed, but still in decent shape considering their age. If I have more than one available, you will receive the one in the “best” condition.

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Older Girl Scout Programming

This section will include Senior Interest patches, PA/LIT/CIT patches and pins and Challenge pins as well as Studio2b items.  Most of the senior interest patches will be used and reclaimed, but always good condition.  If I have more than one available, you will receive the one in the “best” condition.  These items are pretty hard to find, so if you see an item that is sold out, just keep checking back.  

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Why does this website exist?

I am a long time collector of Girl Scout memorabilia.  During my hunt for personal treasure, I amassed quite a few older badges.  I have found that current leaders are very thirsty for some of the older programs.  I have so many, that selling them in my Facebook group seemed a very daunting task.  So, this site was born.  I have many other items to sell as well, and if you click on the Facebook link at the bottom of the page, it will take you directly to my online group, GS Treasure Hunters.  You will need to request to join, and make sure you answer the 3 questions in order to facilitate your quick entry into the group.  Thanks for visiting, and above all–Happy Treasure Hunting!!

Next Steps…

Sit back, grab a cuppa your favorite beverage and browse my shop.  I am always getting new badges in, so check back often!